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16 tracks location mixing and recording. Full effects suite and post-reamping available.

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Stupid Musician Texts III

POSTED ON September 5th  - POSTED IN Uncategorised

shirts at
Submit your texts as

You guys asked for it, YOU GOT IT! Part III of the “Stupid Musician Texts” series!

Limited shipping options this weekend!

POSTED ON August 22nd  - POSTED IN News

Hey everybody!   Just wanted to give an update:  Canada Post is updating their webservice, and is down for the weekend, so I’ll be unable to take large shirt orders.  Flat rate shipping still works for all of Canada/US/International single-shirt orders, however!   Regular shipping options should return Sunday night.   Thanks for your patience!@

Stupid Musician Texts II

POSTED ON August 16th  - POSTED IN Uncategorised

By popular demand, another installment of Stupid Musician Texts. This time we take a look at a few of the common problems engineers encounter, as well as learn why one should exercise extreme caution when recruiting potential band members from Craigslist!  Get your own “Stop cupping” shirt at

Checking out some TRX cymbals with Jackson Ward!

POSTED ON August 16th  - POSTED IN Uncategorised



I had Jackson Ward drop by yesterday to help demo some TRX cymbals. Jackson just recently won the DW “NOT Tom Sawyer” contest & was a real pleasure to work with. Great technique, but needs to move his left crash cymbal up a little higher. You’ll see why :)

14″ MDM Hats
18″ BRT Crash
19″ BRT Crash
20″ MDM Ride

Snare: Tama SLP 13″


Kick: Audix D6
Shure Beta 91A
Solomon Mics Subkick
Snare: Granelli5790, 57 (bottom)
Overheads: Oktava Mc012 (Joly Mod)
Toms: Md421
Room: Apex 210 (in XY)

Drum Sample Replacement just became Obsolete

POSTED ON July 1st  - POSTED IN Uncategorised

merch at
check out for more info!
This one’s the game changer. Find out why drum sample replacement just became obsolete! Now you can get massive “sample like” tones from a real drum kit. I whish they had come out with this 20 years ago!


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