More than 3 cameras crew on location for your event.



16 tracks location mixing and recording. Full effects suite and post-reamping available.

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Drum Sample Replacement just became Obsolete

POSTED ON July 1st  - POSTED IN Uncategorised

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This one’s the game changer. Find out why drum sample replacement just became obsolete! Now you can get massive “sample like” tones from a real drum kit. I whish they had come out with this 20 years ago!


Stop cupping shirts BACK IN STOCK!

POSTED ON June 17th  - POSTED IN News

After the initial run sold out in a flash, I’m happy to announce we have lots of “Stop cupping the mic, DUMBASS!” shirts in stock again!  If you run live sound, if your singer won’t listen to reason, this is the shirt for you!  Get ’em while they’re still in stock!   Spectre Media SHOP

Stupid texts from Musicians to Engineers

POSTED ON June 1st  - POSTED IN Commentary

These are collected from FELLOW ENGINEERS. If you guys think I’m mean, or just making things up about the ridiculous things engineers have to deal with, think again. I have proof. Lots of it.

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