More than 3 cameras crew on location for your event.



16 tracks location mixing and recording. Full effects suite and post-reamping available.

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Store SNAFU!

POSTED ON May 21st  - POSTED IN Uncategorised

Trying to get my store setup here.   For all of you who ordered before 2:15pm EDT on May 21, please check your PayPal!   Turns out, the website was still in “Sandbox Testing” mode, so no transactions went through.   Things should be live now,  so feel free to order.

This is my first webstore, so your patience is appreciated while I work out the bugs!


The good news:   Rule #2 shirts are IN STOCK!


bass player shirt

Things Musicians NEVER SAY in the studio!!!

POSTED ON May 20th  - POSTED IN Commentary

After many, many years or recording bands professionally, here’s a few things that not a single musician has said. EVER.
**I make absolutely no claims of originality in this video.** If you don’t find this funny, blame TJ. It was his idea.

Monster Tube Amp – Revv Generator 120

POSTED ON May 20th  - POSTED IN Gear Review



Taking a look at the Revv Generator 120 tube guitar amplifier.
Check out performances by Christain Vegh and Chris Rafinski. As always, we’re using live drums because our subscribers deserve the best!

Click Theft – It’s For Idiots

POSTED ON March 17th  - POSTED IN Commentary

Discussing the phenomenon of Click Theft & how it’s hurting YouTube content creators. #clicktheft
Now with commentary from those responsible. Seriously. It’s hilarious. Read the comments. :)
Thanks for all your support!

The Week in Metal, January 12, 2015 [Episode 01] | MetalSucks

POSTED ON January 30th  - POSTED IN News

Covering all of the really important news in Metal, for the week preceding January 12, 2015. Stories include: Local band complains about being offered a crappy record deal by Sumerian Records; man sues Live Nation for injuries sustained in a moshpit; a stabbing at a Cattle Decapitation show; 15-year-old Indonesian girl covers Lamb of God on guitar; Metallica non-updates; the pointlessness of unreadable metal band logos, and more.

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